An Interview with Buddy Evans,
Vice President of Big Bucks Auto™

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When selling a used car, the first places people tend to turn to find out the value of their vehicle are often Kelley’s Blue Book, Edmonds, or other similar sites.  In reality though, Kelley Blue Book’s and these other site’s suggested retail values can be misleading. As Buddy Evans, Vice President of Big Bucks Auto™ and trusted automotive expert explains below, these values are far higher than what you can expect to actually sell your used car for.

How accurate are the suggested retail values of Kelley Blue Book and other similar sites?

Buddy Evans: These suggested values are completely inaccurate. Their numbers have little basis in real world vehicle sales and sellers need to understand that.  Kelley Blue Book values do not take into account key factors that change frequently, even on a daily basis, such as the economy or the number of that same vehicle on the market.  There are any number of issues that can alter the true value of a car and Kelley’s Blue Book and its competiting sites completely ignore many of them.

What are some key issues that can be associated with Kelley Blue Book?

BE: Kelley Blue Book has an inherent conflict of interest because it makes revenue off of ads placed by auto manufacturers on their site and in their book.  This factor’s in to the suggested retail values they give, with newer cars and manufactures advertised through them getting higher values then those cars may actually sell for in the real world.  Kelley’s or any other pricing guide for that matter, has never written a check to anyone based on this price.  At Big Bucks Auto™ we not only give you an accurate vehicle value through our free appraisal program, but we are willing to write a check to you on the spot.

How does Big Bucks Auto™ determine a used car’s value?

BE: Unlike Kelley Blue Book and similar sites, Big Bucks Auto™ uses two main sources, along with our expert appraisal, to determine a vehicle’s value. First we look at national online auctions, which help to tell us the actual prices people are paying for any given car.  We also look at a standard east coast specific pricing guide which helps to give another real world number we can associate with a vehicle’s value.   At Big Bucks Auto™ we do not base vehicle values on “suggested retail values” but rather the value a vehicle has to another person and on the actual market.

What is the best way for an individual to find out their car’s value?

BE: Diligent research. Check classified ads to see both the vehicle price and how long a similar car takes to sell. Go as far as to call and ask how much they may have sold the vehicle for and how long it may have taken, along with how much their selling price might have changed since they listed their asking price.  There’s a big difference between the asking price and the selling price and the only way to be informed on either of them is to do the appropriate research. It is a lot of work. You can easily avoid this entirely by coming directly to Big Bucks Auto™ for a free car appraisal and recieve the best price for your used vehicle.

What are some of the biggest external factors that affect a car’s value?

BE: The two biggest factors that affect a car’s value are the condition the vehicle is in and its mileage. Accidents greatly alter a car’s worth because people are less likely to purchase cars with known issues. If a vehicle has very few problems and low mileage, the best ways to positively increase the value are to have popular colors and more factory options.
It should always be remembered that one of the biggest keys to selling a car is knowledge of the market.  Because of Kelley’s Blue Book and other comparable pricing guides inaccuracies, it’s inadvisable to use them as main source for vehicle pricing, and even avoid their suggested values if possible.
To avoid the confusion visit a professional used car appraiser, like Big Bucks Auto™.  Their free appraisal will take all guesswork out, while giving you the option to sell your used car for that price immediately, and completely avoid the many issues associated with private sales.

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