Big Bucks Auto Joins Alliance With New Jersey Dealerships

(PRWEB) May 27, 2011 — Big Bucks Auto just made it a whole lot easier for New Jersey residents to sell their car for cash.

This month, Big Bucks Auto officially joins alliance with New Jersey dealerships in an effort to increase customer service and convenience for customers in the Garden State. The new partnership is in direct response to the already high and growing demand of New Jersey residents looking to sell their car for cash to Big Bucks Auto.

“We’ve noticed that the Big Bucks Auto television commercials are reaching out beyond how far some New Jersey customers are willing to drive to our location in Queens,” Buddy Evans, owner of Big Bucks Auto said. “This alliance will increase accessibility for an easier, faster and safer way to sell your car for cash if you live in New Jersey.”

Whether a New Jersey resident is looking to sell a motorcycle, truck or car for cash, the New Jersey depot is affiliated with Big Bucks Auto and will offer all the same benefits and reliability of the Queens, New York-based company. Evans said that this Big Bucks Auto collaboration stems from a 25-year business relationship with auto-dealers in New Jersey. Since Big Bucks Auto was established, it has gained a reputation as a dependable and efficient place to sell a car for cash, or to get a free car appraisal.

Looking to sell your car for cash to Big Bucks Auto? All you need is proper identification, the certificate of title for the vehicle and twenty minutes to sell your motorcycle, truck or car for cash.

Buddy Evans, Vice President of Big Bucks Auto™
139-03 Queens Blvd.
Briarwood, NY 11435