Sell your car for cash in NY, NJ, CT, LI, and have extra on hand for holiday shopping.

Need cash for the holidays? Trade in your car, truck or motorcycle for cash now!

With a chill in the air, songs all around and spirit everywhere, the holiday season evokes cherished memories of special times. From brightly colored trees and mistletoe to ceremonial candles and holiday gelt, there are so many iconic images that symbolize the most wonderful time of the year.

In the modern age, of course, nothing has come to symbolize the holidays quite like presents. Let’s face it, everyone likes to give gifts – not to mention receive them too. It feels good to give to someone you care about. And there are few feelings in life better than receiving that thoughtfully chosen present from a loved one.

With expectations for gift-giving being what they are, and the economy still not fully recovered, though, it can be a challenge for many people to come up with enough money to pay for all the gifts they want to give at holiday time. Birthdays are spread out throughout the year, but the holidays come all at once, and there can be pressure not to leave out anyone of importance in one’s life.

The 2012 holiday shopping season has started strong, with 247 million shoppers visiting stores and websites over the four-day Thanksgiving weekend, up 9.2 percent from 2011, according to a survey conducted for the National Retail Federation. The average holiday shopper’s tally for the weekend came to $423, up from $398 the previous year. Total spending nationwide amounted to $59.1 billion, a 12.8 percent jump from the year before.

Early reports were that consumers spent about 20 percent more time on Amazon during Thanksgiving and Black Friday this year than in 2011. Walmart also reported that Black Friday 2012 was their best in history. Meanwhile, this year’s Cyber Monday was the biggest spending day in the history of the Internet, with $1.46 billion spent. Online spending is projected to hit $43.4 billion this year. Whether online or at traditional retail outlets, it’s clear that people are willing to spend and want to give. But why go in debt buying gifts when you don’t have to?

As much as consumers want to spend, they remain wary of accumulating more debt. Wisely cautious, credit card debt is the biggest financial concern of Americans, according to a survey by the credit agency myFICO. Only a fifth of those surveyed were planning to open new credit card accounts, and 65 percent planned to charge less than $500 on the credit cards they already have. Add to that ongoing concerns about identity theft and fraud that come along with credit card applications and transactions, and suddenly cash seems better than ever.

Sell your car for cash in NY, NJ, CT, LI, and have extra on hand for holiday shopping.

Need cash for the holidays? Trade in your car, truck or motorcycle for cash now!

A great way to get money for Christmas, Hanukkah or any other holiday gifts quickly is to sell your car for cash to Big Bucks Auto. Cars are expensive to keep, and getting rid of your car can free up a lot of money fast. Unlike most places that are looking to sell to you for the holidays, we don’t want to sell you anything – we want to buy your car. Big Bucks Auto pays cash for cars without the hassle of paperwork, offering immediate payment in only 20 minutes.

If you’re thinking, “What’s the easiest way to sell my car?” then Big Bucks Auto has the answer, giving you the freedom to shed all responsibilities regarding your vehicle when you walk out the door. We pay cash for older models as well as those high-priced newer cars, trucks and motorcycles that you’re looking to unload in a hurry – any make, any year, any model.

There are many ways to provide for the holidays and give the gifts you want to give. If “I need to sell my car” is a thought that has crossed your mind, maybe the holidays would be a perfect time to get cash for it now. It’s easy at Big Bucks Auto.

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