Looking for a way to get your loved one a Valentine’s Day gift?  One great way is to sell your car for cash. Cars are expensive to keep in greater New York, Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut,, and getting rid of your car can free up a lot of money fast. Unlike most places that are looking to sell to you on Valentine’s Day – car-buying services actually want to buy your car.  Big Bucks Auto car-buying service in New York for example pays cash for cars without the hassle of paperwork, offering immediate payment in only 20 minutes.

Say "I love you" by selling your car in NY

Want to surprise your sweetheart... or just do something nice for yourself? Start by selling your car in NY.

Whether online or at traditional retail outlets, based on the recent holiday season it’s clear that people are willing to spend – and wanting to give.  However, with the recession still receding slowly from people’s memories and pocketbooks… people are may also be wary of going into additional debt buying gifts…

Wisely cautious, credit card debt is the biggest financial concern of Americans, according to a survey by the credit agency myFICO. As we recently reported on this blog, only a fifth of those surveyed were planning to open new credit card accounts, and 65 percent planned to charge less than $500 on the credit cards they already have. Add to that ongoing concerns about identity theft and fraud that come along with credit card applications and transactions, and suddenly cash seems better than ever.

If you want to surprise your loved one this Valentine’s Day, and yet also avoid more credit card debt… the question for some may be: “What’s the easiest way to sell my car?”

I'm ready for Valentine's Day... how about you?

I'm ready for Valentine's Day... how about you?

…if that sums up the situation for you – then vehicle-buying services such as New York’s Big Bucks Auto may have the answer, giving you the freedom to shed all responsibilities regarding your vehicle when you walk out the door.

At our service location, we put cash in your pocket – for older models as well as those high-priced newer cars, trucks and motorcycles that you’re looking to part ways with in a hurry – any make, any year, any model.  Our 3-step process is really just that simple: get a quote, get a free on-site appraisal, we buy your car and you get paid on the spot.

There are many ways to provide for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day and give the gifts you want to give – or to save up for something later, like a home renovation, a college degree, or a special trip, or something needed by a loved one or friend.

or, if you live near mass transportation as many do in the Tri-State area, perhaps you just want to give yourself the gift of health by selling your car and exercising more…

…or to give everybody else on your street (or on your planet) the gift of a little bit less air pollution by selling your car in this new year.  It’s easy at Big Bucks Auto.  If “I need to sell my car” is a thought that has crossed your mind, then maybe this Valentine’s Day 2013 is the perfect time to get cash for it now.

Surprise your sweetheart - or yourself - and sell your car in Tri-State NY this Valentine's!

If you’re wanting to surprise your loved one this Valentine’s Day, but avoid more debt, the simplest answer for some may be: “What’s the easiest way to sell my car?”

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