How We Buy Used Cars
Frequently Asked Questions

Why will Big Buck$ Auto buy my used car for more?

Our only business is buying used cars. For three generations we have supplied markets that consistently demand quality vehicles for their highest paying outlets. They need us for a steady flow of used vehicles. Demand for quality used cars always exceeds our supply.

How long will it take to sell my used car to Big Buck$ Auto?

Usually we buy cars in less than 30 minutes. When you arrive at Big Buck$ Auto, our courteous professional staff will appraise your vehicle within minutes. The highest cash price will be determined on the spot. We do all the paperwork, remove your plates and pay you instantly.

My car is financed (or leased). Will you buy my car?

Big Buck$ Auto will contact your lender or lease company to obtain the lowest possible payoff amount on your account. Leases can be negotiated or discounted. All prepaid loans are discounted automatically. Your pay-off will be paid via FedEx.

I do not live in New York. Can I sell my used vehicle to Big Buck$ Auto?

Big Buck$ Auto welcomes owners and vehicles from all States. We will pay-off Out-Of-State liens.

Couldn’t I get a higher price from a private car sale?

Finding an immediate buyer for your vehicle is usually difficult. Used car shoppers are bargain hunters only looking for give-a- way deals. Most would be used car buyers find themselves at dealerships, leasing or financing a vehicle at low or 0% finance rates. Even if they happen to buy your car you will still have the liability of the “dreaded after sale”, when the buyer is unhappy with his purchase and looks to you for adjustments or worse.

How do you determine the price you buy used cars for?

Our expert staff will appraise your used car for the following: Originality-Condition-Market Demand -Mileage. As a major used car supplier we know and pay the highest cash prices. We will always offer you our “Top Cash Price”