A Video Interview with Buddy Evans from Big Bucks Auto™

Here’s a video interview recently of me, Buddy Evans, co-owner of Big Bucks Auto™ – one of the largest car buying services in the Tri-State area – discussing the three typical approaches used when it is time to sell your car and how using Big Bucks Auto™ services are quick, convenient, and safe.

Summary of Video Interview

Option for Selling Your Used Car:

Option One: The Used Car Trade-in

If buying another car, you could trade it to a dealer. However, doing such has its shortcomings. When you trade in a car rarely do you get the car’s true dollar value and often walk away having overpaid for a new car, been under compensated for your trade-in and ultimately feel dissatisfied.

Option Two: Consignment with Auto Dealers

There are car dealerships that will offer to take your car in consignment, which to the blind eye looks great, but this structure leaves little incentive to dealerships so selling your car could take some time – They are in the business of selling their cars; there isn’t much motivation to sell your car.

Option Three: The Car For Sale Approach

You could take out an ad in the local paper, slap on a “for sale” sign and open yourself and your household to a world of people. From setting up appointments, to having showings, this can be a very time consuming process – especially to those who work full-time and/or have children. Not only that, but in today’s world you can never be too cautious of who you let into your home. If doing this, listen to your gut and be careful and make sure you are selling your car correctly!

A Safer, More Convenient and Quicker Car Sale

What sets Big Bucks Auto aside – making it a better solution to selling your car – is that we have nothing to sell you. Big Bucks Auto™, New York’s largest car buying service is safe; it’s convenient and most importantly it’s quick. You bring in your car, we evaluate it, we buy your used car and within twenty minutes you walk out with a check.