When expensive gasoline prices reach a certain level, car appraisals start to get more business from those who just can’t afford the inflation.

This seems to be the trend especially for those subjected to gasoline prices in New York City, which falls under the top five cities for most expensive gasoline prices in the country. New York State also falls under the top five most expensive states (out of the continental United States) to buy gasoline.

Usually, there is a breaking point at which Americans will come to the realization that the expensive gasoline prices make owning a car, maintaining it and filling it up with expensive gasoline just isn’t worth it.

Right now, gasoline prices in New York City are averaging in at $4.23 per gallon.

Where do consumers draw the line for over-the-top gasoline prices?

New York City makes it into the top five most expensive places to buy gasoline in the United States

Many auto industry watchers consider $4.00 per gallon to be the breaking point for the average American, which is almost an entire quarter less than the current gasoline prices in New York City.

By doing simple math, it becomes evident why $4.00 is the breaking point, especially in a city where public transportation is so abundant and easy to use.

The inflated gasoline prices in New York City

To fill up a 20-gallon tank with gasoline prices in New York City, one will end up spending about $85.00 per tank. Fill up that same tank once a week and you’re looking at $340 per month. This cost is literally hundreds of dollars more than what many people pay for a month worth of public transportation. In New York City, $104 will buy you a month of unlimited metro access, which can take you to the far reaches of the city. Looking at a whole year of those public transportation prices, that’s $1248 per year, compared to $4080…and that’s just for gas!

Reflecting on all of the turmoil that has been taking place over in the Middle East, where most of our gasoline production supply comes from, it does not seem promising that prices will drop much, if at all.

Wondering what to do about the expensive gasoline prices in New York City?

Sell your car for cash and beat the expensive gasoline prices in New York City. Not only will you save thousands of dollars per year in gas, you also won’t have to deal with car maintenance or auto insurance.

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