New Yorkers are resilient. They are survivors. No matter what type of adversity has been thrown at them in recent years, the people of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut have shown again and again that they will not back down. They don’t give up.

Hurricane Sandy was the latest of many difficult challenges to knock the New York area to its knees. The superstorm’s destruction – from Breezy Point to Staten Island, from Seaside Heights to Hoboken, from Red Hook to Rockaway Beach – will never be forgotten by those who survived it.

One of the most devastating storms to ever make landfall in the United States, Sandy killed at least 121 people in the Northeast, 80 of the victims in New York and New Jersey. It knocked out power to more than 8 million homes and businesses.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo requested $42 billion in federal aid to clean up damage in the state and prepare for future emergencies of this nature, and Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey similarly requested $36.8 billion for damage sustained on the Jersey side.

Though dwarfed in many respects by tragic losses of life, homes, businesses and other property, one casualty of the record-breaking storm was the number of cars destroyed by Sandy. A minimum of 16,000 brand new vehicles had to be scrapped because they were stored in flooded areas, many in the port of Newark. Somewhere between 100,000 and 250,000 vehicles were totaled and will have to be taken off the road if they have not been already.

The numbers are staggering, and they may get you wondering. Given the risks, if you don’t truly need your car, is it really worth keeping it? With so much of the NYC area on or near the water, and many neighborhoods so vulnerable to flooding, it’s a factor any car owner here would be wise to consider.

Another key consideration is whether your auto insurance covers flood damage. If liability coverage is the only type you have, then your claim for flood or water damage will be rejected. Car owners should seriously consider comprehensive type coverage that includes reimbursement for these types of claims. Otherwise, you will likely be out of luck.

If your car was undamaged in the storm, think about selling it in the NY area

Is it time to sell your car in the greater NY area before the next storm?

If you do carry insurance that will cover catastrophic flooding, you’ll still likely need to deal with a long wait for an insurance adjuster to personally inspect your vehicle before your claim can be processed and you’ll be reimbursed. Of course, if you sell your car, truck or motorcycle now, you won’t have to worry about what’s covered or how long you’ll have to wait for an insurance adjuster – in fact you won’t have to worry about the burden and costs of insurance at all.

Another advantage of not relying on a car during and after a flood or long-term power outage is not needing to wait in maddeningly long lines at the pumps for gas. The recent gas panic underscored just how reliant so many of us are on our cars, despite the amazing network of public transportation available to us in this area.

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