Keep yourself safe: sell your used car to Big Bucks Auto

Big Bucks Auto heard startling and disturbing news recently about a man who tried to privately sell his used car, and ended up almost selling his life.

Why you shouldn’t sell your used car to just anyone.

In late January, 2011, a man tried to sell his used car, a BMW, without using an auto appraisal or car buying service like Big Bucks Auto. After the “buyer” of the BMW signed a fake name on the bill of sale, he forcefully captured the seller, brutalized him, tied up his hands and feet and threw him into the trunk. With the seller unconscious in the trunk of his own BMW, the buyer started driving away from Manhattan toward an unknown destination, but likely what would have been the final resting place of his captive.

Thankfully to the slippery condition of the Manhattan roads, the BMW skidded on ice and rear-ended a livery cab on Tenth Avenue in Inwood. The buyer fled the scene of the accident, leaving the cops to discover the owner of the BMW all bruised and battered in the trunk. The victim was taken to the Harlem Hospital in serious condition.

Stay safe: sell your used car to Big Bucks Auto

While this story is indeed very troubling, it should be a warning to anyone who wishes to sell a used car in NYC that they should only do so through a legitimate company that will buy used cars. Big Bucks Auto will give you a free car appraisal and will buy your car for a fair price.

You are placed in a vulnerable position when you try to sell your used car, or anything else that is very valuable. When you sell your used car to Big Bucks Auto you won’t have to worry about dealing with buyers who might try to rip you off or worse, buyers who could be potentially harmful.

Visit the New York Post for the full story about the man who tried to sell a used car to his potential murderer.

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