Crazy Vehicle Mods Are Awesome, But Might Not Be Good For Your Bottom Line

The consensus is pretty clear – car modifications will most likely hurt your chances of getting a top dollar price for your car. Crazy vehicle mods might look awesome and funny vehicle mods might be entertaining, but the chances of someone else wanting 20-inch spinning rims and limo tint on the windows of a late 1990s Honda Civic hatchback are slim to none.

Cool Auto Mods Mean Much To The Enthusiast, But Not To The Buyer

The bottom-line is that your penchant for after-market mufflers and limo-tint will most likely trim hundreds or thousands (depending on how deep you go with your crazy car mods) from your re-sale value. The reason is very simple – what you consider a cool vehicle modification, most others probably consider lame.

Maybe like this one: 



You Can Still Do Those Crazy Car Modifications, Just Take Precautions

The key to car modifications is to make sure you preserve the aesthetic and structural integrity of the vehicle. In other words, don’t do anything you can’t undo. Oh, and keep those factory-standard parts around for when you do decide to sell your car.

There are, however, vehicle mods that can potentially enhance the value of your car. Those car modifications are naturally more practical additions to your vehicle, rather than performance enhancers or purely aesthetic mods.

According to’s 2009 Spring Car Guide, there are a handful of car modifications that can actually act to increase the re-sale value of your car, including:

  • Rims of high quality and appropriate size
  • Navigation systems.
  • Electronics, like DVD players, flat-panel screens, satellite radio and high-quality sound systems.
  • Tastefully applied leather seats or leather interiors.
  • Properly installed and functional sunroofs and/or moon roofs.
  • Bed-liners for pick-ups, fascias, grilles, step-bars, running boards, brush-guards, fog lights, taillight treatments and legal window tinting.

Now, Let’s Talk About Those Crazy Car Modifications That Might Ensure You Never Sell Your Car

You’ve all seen those cars – enormous spoilers; grotesque paint jobs; mufflers you can hear from mile away. Those crazy and sometimes funny car mods are great, but are generally disastrous for the resale value of the car. Again, from’s 2009 Spring Car Guide, here are some vehicle modifications you avoid if you even want to get a decent offer should you choose to sell:

  • Enormous rims; spinners; or any other absurd wheel choices
  • Overpowered stereos
  • Aftermarket superchargers or turbochargers that boost engine performance to achieve high-speeds. This implies the car was driven quite hard/carelessly.
  • Loud exhaust systems.
  • Lowered suspensions – especially for late-model vehicles because it often voids the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Low quality or vibrant-colored leather/vinyl/cloth interiors.
  • Repainting the car in an unusual, non-factory color or a “mystic” finish – limits vehicle’s appeal, creates problems matching paint color, etc.
  • Poorly-installed sunroofs/moon roofs.
  • Illegal window-tinting.

Cool Car Modifications Aren’t All Bad, But Be Careful About Going Too Far

The trick is doing your car modifications with an eye towards the future and to proceed with caution. Funny car modifications or crazy vehicle mods are cool (like this list of most ridiculous car mods I’ve ever seen), but not cool to your finances when it’s time to sell.

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