Sell a Used Motorcycle for Cash – Get a Scooter, Instead!

As gas prices continue to rise steadily, sales in motorcycles and scooters are also climbing. Recent data from the Motorcycle Industry Council shows that motorcycle sales increased by 7.2% in the first quarter of 2011 (compared to the same time period last year). The interesting part? Sales for motor scooters have increased by almost 50% in the same time frame.  That’s a dramatic jump. Motorcycle owners have many reasons to consider making the switch to scooters, especially residents of dense [...]

Demystifying Used Motorcycle Prices & Motorcycle Resale Values

Used Motorcycle Values Are Often Mired In Brand Loyalty And Personal Preference By Buddy Evans, President of Big Bucks Auto™ Looking to sell your motorcycle? If you plan on using the Internet to try and figure out your motorcycle’s resale value, be careful. By most accounts on the web, used motorcycle prices are determined by either a rider’s personal preference or inaccurate book values. Finding A Motorcycle’s Resale Value Should Go Farther Than Looking Up The Motorcycle’s Book Value As [...]

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Motorcycle Resale Values – Resale Value Series, Part 2

With gas prices rising and motorcycle popularity rapidly increasing as a result, there’s a good chance you or someone you know is interested in purchasing a motorcycle sometime soon.  After all, the appeal of excellent gas mileage and the open road can certainly be very tempting. But maybe you’re on the other side of the fence; you or someone you know is interested in selling a motorcycle soon.  After all, the reasons for selling a bike are nearly as compelling [...]