Need a Valentine’s gift for your sweetheart? Start by selling your car.

Looking for a way to get your loved one a Valentine’s Day gift?  One great way is to sell your car for cash. Cars are expensive to keep in greater New York, Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut,, and getting rid of your car can free up a lot of money fast. Unlike most places that are looking to sell to you on Valentine’s Day – car-buying services actually want to buy your car.  Big Bucks Auto car-buying service in New [...]

Need cash for the holidays? Trade in your car, truck or motorcycle for cash now!

With a chill in the air, songs all around and spirit everywhere, the holiday season evokes cherished memories of special times. From brightly colored trees and mistletoe to ceremonial candles and holiday gelt, there are so many iconic images that symbolize the most wonderful time of the year. In the modern age, of course, nothing has come to symbolize the holidays quite like presents. Let's face it, everyone likes to give gifts - not to mention receive them [...]

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New York City Bridge and Tunnel Tolls Rise Up and Aggravate Commuters

Port Authority Raises Tolls & New Jersey Transit Absorbs the Hike As of 3 a.m. Sunday, September 18th, 2011, the current cost of living and commuting to New York City just became very painful for commuters and motorists. Drivers who pay with cash to drive into NYC through bridges and tunnels controlled by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey now face a 50 percent increase. And it’s not over. Tolls are scheduled to rise an additional 75 [...]

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The “Sell Cars for Cash” Trend: Expensive Gasoline Prices in New York City Have Residents Beyond Their Breaking Point

When expensive gasoline prices reach a certain level, car appraisals start to get more business from those who just can’t afford the inflation. This seems to be the trend especially for those subjected to gasoline prices in New York City, which falls under the top five cities for most expensive gasoline prices in the country. New York State also falls under the top five most expensive states (out of the continental United States) to buy gasoline. Usually, there is a breaking point at which Americans will come to the realization that the expensive gasoline prices make owning a car, maintaining it and filling it up with expensive gasoline just isn’t worth it. Right now, gasoline prices in New York City are averaging in at $4.23 per gallon. […]

Rising Gas Prices In the United States Make it Too Expensive to Own a Car in NYC

The rising gas prices the United States has seen over the past decade is making it more and more expensive to own a car in NYC. Now hovering around $4.00 per gallon, rising gas prices in the United States are driving the auto industry to change the way they make cars and how fuel-efficient they are. If you currently own a car in NYC, it is likely that the rising gas prices will soon become too expensive for your model. How to deal with rising gas prices in the United States If you are one of the many who are falling victim to the rising gas prices in the United States, realizing that it is just too expensive to own a car in NYC, you do have options. You don’t have to spend all your money on your gas-guzzling car. […]

Mayor Bloomberg makes it expensive to own a car in NYC

Sell your Car for Cash: Have you been realizing that owning a vehicle in NYC it too expensive? You have more options than you thought. Mayor Bloomberg has been putting many bills into action that have been making it more expensive to own a car in NYC. Why is it so expensive to own a car in NYC? If you are looking to sell your car for cash, you are not alone. Many new Yorkers are realizing that it is just too expensive to own a car in NYC, directly related to the recent laws being passed. Most recently, the mayor of NYC has been working to pass a law that will initiate a fee for vehicle’s coming into the city, similar to a luxury tax for cars that cross into the city. The creation of this law was been prompted by the large number of New York residents who began registering their cars out of state in order to save money on taxes. […]

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Winter Driving Tips: How to Drive Safely In the Snow

Don’t crash your car or else you’ll have to sell your car! Winter is officially here and that means bad road conditions are here as well! Now that the New Year has rung in and the holidays are nearly behind us, I figured we do a little refresher course on our winter driving. In my previous post we went over how to avoid holiday traffic in New York, now were going to go over how to avoid accidents in winter. It’s amazing to see people in the North-East area becoming seemingly unaware of the winter road conditions.  In the month of December there were 860 motor vehicle accidents that proved to be fatal according to the Road Traffic Management Corporation. As the winter season kicks into full swing you will see this number increase. Of course if you take the proper precautions and tips, you can help decrease this number. […]

How to Avoid Holiday Traffic in New York

Well, Christmas is right around the corner and to a lot of us New Yorkers that means a ton of congested traffic is as well. During the holidays I try to get in the spirit. As part of my commitment to the holidays in New York I figured I would give you some pointers on how to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to your holiday transit. For those of you who are last minute shoppers, this might be worth reading if you plan on using your car to get your last minute shopping done. […]

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New York City Traffic Laws Were Some Of The Nation’s First

History of Traffic Laws & William Phelps Eno When you are stuck in traffic, staring up at that red light that seems like it will never change – don’t blame William Phelps Eno. He was just trying to help. The history of traffic laws in the U.S. originate primarily with Eno – also called the “Father of Traffic Safety” – and as a New York City native, his drive to create safer travel was inspired by massive traffic jams witnessed [...]

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Car Storage Tips For The Uninitiated

The Simple Steps Of Vehicle Storage Keep Your Car In Good Shape People use car storage for many reasons:  The car, truck or motorcycle might be in disrepair, but you still want to hang onto it; your vehicle is uninsured; or you just want to keep your car protected from harsh winter weather. Whatever your motivation for putting your car into a state of hibernation, there are a few car storage tips that anyone, vehicle veteran or not, can follow [...]

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