Your Safety is at Risk When You Privately Sell Your Used Car

In late January, 2011, a man tried to sell his used car, a BMW, without using an auto appraisal or car buying service like Big Bucks Auto. After the “buyer” of the BMW signed a fake name on the bill of sale, he forcefully captured the seller, brutalized him, tied up his hands and feet and threw him into the trunk. With the seller unconscious in the trunk of his own BMW, the buyer started driving away from Manhattan toward an unknown destination, but likely what would have been the final resting place of his captive.

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Did Hurricane Sandy damage your car? Experts offer helpful tips.

How to Assess Water Damaged Cars Hurricane Sandy has come and gone, but as we see reported in the news daily, it has left lasting damage and destruction throughout the greater New York, New Jersey, Long Island and Connecticut area in its wake. In that connection, as people assess the damage, many are asking what to check for to see how your car has been affected by flooding. This article compiles a list from a variety of helpful sources for [...]

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Frankfurt Auto Show 2011: Concept Cars from Subaru, Audi & Volkswagen

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been one year since I was talking about the Paris Auto Show. So much has changed, but one thing has remained the same: we buy used cars. This year’s auto show unveiled more concept cars. Frankfurt Auto Show The Frankfurt Auto Show alternates years between Frankfurt and Paris. This auto show is like Christmas for car buffs, with each little car guy (or girl) nestled in their bed with dreams of automotives in their heads. At last year’s show in Paris, we picked our three favorite concept cars that included the Kia POP, The Next XK, and a green concept car from Ferrari. This year was equally as difficult to pick our favorites. […]

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What to do with Flood Damaged Vehicles

How to Assess Water Damaged Cars Hurricane Irene has come and gone, leaving damage and destruction in its wake. Hopefully your loved ones are safe and sound. I’ve heard a lot of questions lately since Irene left town. I know many of you are asking what to check for to see how your car has been affected by flooding. I’ve compiled a list here from many sources for you. Most Common in Water Damaged Cars The most common damages endured [...]

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Sell a Used Motorcycle for Cash – Get a Scooter, Instead!

As gas prices continue to rise steadily, sales in motorcycles and scooters are also climbing. Recent data from the Motorcycle Industry Council shows that motorcycle sales increased by 7.2% in the first quarter of 2011 (compared to the same time period last year). The interesting part? Sales for motor scooters have increased by almost 50% in the same time frame.  That’s a dramatic jump. Motorcycle owners have many reasons to consider making the switch to scooters, especially residents of dense [...]

Sell Your Car in NYC & Collect Top Dollars This Summer: Used Car Prices About to Skyrocket

If you have a used car to sell, this is the year to do it. According to CNN Money, the supply of late model used cars (new vehicles in 2008 leased out on the typical 3-year contract) is about to get dramatically smaller. Car leasing rates dropped in the fall of 2008 as the country fell into the deepest economic recession of our era. Leasing rates plummeted 58% between June and November of that year, and the financing that car dealers need to write new leases disappeared as fears about the future of automakers grew. In 2008, the standard 3-year car lease agreements practically disappeared. Consequently, the price of used cars has grown significantly since 2008 as supply dwindles. The Manheim used car price index hit a record high this May, with compact used car prices 20% higher this year than in 2010. This is an unprecedented leap. […]

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The “Sell Cars for Cash” Trend: Expensive Gasoline Prices in New York City Have Residents Beyond Their Breaking Point

When expensive gasoline prices reach a certain level, car appraisals start to get more business from those who just can’t afford the inflation. This seems to be the trend especially for those subjected to gasoline prices in New York City, which falls under the top five cities for most expensive gasoline prices in the country. New York State also falls under the top five most expensive states (out of the continental United States) to buy gasoline. Usually, there is a breaking point at which Americans will come to the realization that the expensive gasoline prices make owning a car, maintaining it and filling it up with expensive gasoline just isn’t worth it. Right now, gasoline prices in New York City are averaging in at $4.23 per gallon. […]

Rising Gas Prices In the United States Make it Too Expensive to Own a Car in NYC

The rising gas prices the United States has seen over the past decade is making it more and more expensive to own a car in NYC. Now hovering around $4.00 per gallon, rising gas prices in the United States are driving the auto industry to change the way they make cars and how fuel-efficient they are. If you currently own a car in NYC, it is likely that the rising gas prices will soon become too expensive for your model. How to deal with rising gas prices in the United States If you are one of the many who are falling victim to the rising gas prices in the United States, realizing that it is just too expensive to own a car in NYC, you do have options. You don’t have to spend all your money on your gas-guzzling car. […]

The Aftermath of the Earthquake: Sell Your Car in NYC to Avoid the Upcoming Auto Parts Problem

If you sell your car in NYC sooner rather than later, you may be able to avoid the anticipated production standstill of auto parts that experts predict. This is a result of the devastating 8.9 magnitude earthquake that struck Japan just about one month ago. Auto Parts Supply Interrupt May Cause you to Sell Your Car in NYC In a report by Automotive News, chief economist for the Center of Automotive Research, Sean McAlinden said, “In about two weeks, we’ll start seeing empty ships or no ships arriving in a number of ports,” he said, referring to the trading of auto parts. “Remember, there are 30,000 parts to build a car. We might see an impact on practically every production line in North America and most of Europe because of this supply interrupt.” […]

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Mayor Bloomberg makes it expensive to own a car in NYC

Sell your Car for Cash: Have you been realizing that owning a vehicle in NYC it too expensive? You have more options than you thought. Mayor Bloomberg has been putting many bills into action that have been making it more expensive to own a car in NYC. Why is it so expensive to own a car in NYC? If you are looking to sell your car for cash, you are not alone. Many new Yorkers are realizing that it is just too expensive to own a car in NYC, directly related to the recent laws being passed. Most recently, the mayor of NYC has been working to pass a law that will initiate a fee for vehicle’s coming into the city, similar to a luxury tax for cars that cross into the city. The creation of this law was been prompted by the large number of New York residents who began registering their cars out of state in order to save money on taxes. […]

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