Toyota Vehicle Recalls: What Happened?

How would you feel about a car that accelerates on its own? I’m not talking about an autonomous vehicle such as the one I wrote about in my last article The Google Car: The Autonomous Car of The Future. I’m talking about a Toyota that without warning accelerates randomly without you even having to press on the gas pedal. That doesn’t sound too fun now does it? It wasn’t fun for many people.  It was only natural to expect these Toyota models recalled.  Shortly after the recalls, allegations began to surface claiming the defect caused death or injury. As expected, the lawsuits weren’t too far behind. […]

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The Google Car: The Autonomous Car of the Future

Google, the ever growing search engine giant seems to have their hands in everything nowadays. That includes the automotive industry as well.  The Google Car was presented back in mid October and just might be the future of cars as we know it. Reminiscent of the Skynet Corporation in the Terminator movies, Google is trying their hand at artificial intelligence……for your car. Don’t worry though; I doubt these cars will try to take over the world. […]

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The Problem With Carfax Vehicle History Reports & Carfax Alternatives

The Problem with Carfax Vehicle History Reports Anyone else catch that CBS article about the NYC toll hike that might take effect? Yikes! With factors like this piling up on New York City residents every day, it’s no wonder so many people are selling their cars. Anyway, besides this ridiculous proposed toll hike, I wanted to touch base on another problem. Let’s get started shall we! “Show me the Carfax.”  – You’ve probably heard this slogan being said on the recent TV commercials. What else do you know about Carfax  vehicle reports? According to their commercial used car dealerships are scared to death of their reports on used car history and their “Car Fox” mascot. Carfax offers you a vehicle report on your car so you don’t get screwed over. That’s the gist right? In a past article I wrote titled Why Kelly Blue Book values Can Be Misleading?  we delved deep inside of false car history information. This time we’re going to analyze Carfax. […]

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Die Cast Model Cars Worth Collecting

If you’re like me, I enjoy my spare time by collecting model cars. Now when I say “model cars” I don’t mean full size automobiles. I’m talking about collectible die cast model cars! It’s great to have some serious downtime to enjoy your favorite hobbies…it’s important to have that balance in your life. When you sell your car, the process can sometimes be a chore. Big Bucks Auto wants to make that process as simple as possible. It really takes no time at all! That means you’ll have more time on your hands than you think. You Can Own Your Dream Car by Collecting Die Cast Models In our last article Saab: They’re Still Here! I mentioned how hard it was to find used Saab parts. It turns out; finding a die cast Saab model car is even harder! Collecting die cast toy cars makes it possible for us to own the vehicles we could only dream of owning. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own a Lamborghini? Think it’s more than likely out of your price range?? Have you ever considered a collection of die cast model cars? Photo credit: The Franklin Mint […]

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Saab: They’re Still Here!

Here at Big Bucks Auto we do a lot more than just buy used cars. We also like to keep up to date on what’s happening in the auto industry. Whether it’s new concept cars such as the one in our last car article – The Bufalino: A Studio Apartment On Wheels, or an old clunker, we want to know what’s going on in the auto industry! Yes, we would still like you to sell your car, but we would also like you to read our blog as well. Today we’re taking a look into the car company known as Saab. Saab enthusiasts know who I’m talking about but just in case you dont here is a very brief history: Photo courtesy of […]

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The Bufalino: A Studio Apartment On Wheels

When it comes to concept cars, it’s far and between finding one that will actually hit the market. Sure they have a futuristic feel to them but will anybody actually drive them? Most concept cars now are focused on the new ecomobility trend and tend to incorporate hybrid engineering. Fuel efficiency is still a key issue when it comes to any avid driver though. Besides thinking green, people still want to see less money leaving their wallet and less time at the gas pump. If a car can help you save money it must be worth checking out right? How about if you could live in your car? I don’t mean like your girlfriend kicked you out and you’re sleeping in the backseat of your Hyundai, I mean a real apartment on wheels that’s considerably smaller than any RV. An apartment that’s fuel efficient as well? Yup. Let’s check out the wild concept of the Bufalino. An Overview of the Bufalino photo courtesy of […]

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