Your Safety is at Risk When You Privately Sell Your Used Car

In late January, 2011, a man tried to sell his used car, a BMW, without using an auto appraisal or car buying service like Big Bucks Auto. After the “buyer” of the BMW signed a fake name on the bill of sale, he forcefully captured the seller, brutalized him, tied up his hands and feet and threw him into the trunk. With the seller unconscious in the trunk of his own BMW, the buyer started driving away from Manhattan toward an unknown destination, but likely what would have been the final resting place of his captive.

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Sell Your Car: Save the Planet

Why selling your car makes you Eco-friendly There are many reasons why you may want to sell your car, but did you know that selling your car is a great way to join the Green Movement? Cut back on carbon emissions by selling your car Sell your car: Save the planet Selling your car will cut back on carbon emissions in a more significant way than you may realize. According to the U.S Census Bureau, it takes 600 gallons to run one car for just one year. For the past 20 years, a whopping 60% of the total CO2 emissions released into our atmosphere have come directly from cars and motor fuel. It is very important for this large percentage to drop in order to fight global warming, and you can greatly contribute to this effort when you sell your car. […]

Selling Your Car? Our New E-Book Offers Helpful Tips

If you've ever wondered when the right time is to sell your car, the easy answer is replacement: you've purchased a new car and the old one has got to move on. For many though, [...]

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Kelley Blue Book: inaccurate values for those thinking “sell my car”

Cash for Cars Experts at New York's Big Bucks Auto uncover pitfalls of "suggested retail value" services.   When selling used cars for cash, people often look first to services such as Kelley’s Blue Book, [...]

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Need a Valentine’s gift for your sweetheart? Start by selling your car.

Looking for a way to get your loved one a Valentine’s Day gift?  One great way is to sell your car for cash. Cars are expensive to keep in greater New York, Long Island, New [...]

Did your car survive Hurricane Sandy undamaged? Think about trading it in for cash today!

New Yorkers are resilient. They are survivors. No matter what type of adversity has been thrown at them in recent years, the people of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut have shown again and again [...]

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